New AR headset from Lenovo

Lenovo showed of a new AR headset during a recent Disney gaming event. The experience is called “Jedi Challenges”.

The AR demo headset appears to be equipped with cameras that track movement. AR differs from VR in the sense that the user can actually see the real world and the AR device will add virtual objects and avatars to it. A compatible mobile device is required for the headset says Lenovo. It basically means that the user will place the phone in the unit, and the built in display and camera and CPU will drive the game.

It seems likely that this demo will come to Best Buy stores soon. If it’s going to be sold or will continue to be just a demo is not entirely clear at the moment though.

“We’ve been working on our own version of Augmented Reality. We teamed up with Lenovo and Lucasfilm to build our very own Augmented Reality headset. This device will let everyone experience their favorite moments from Star Wars like never before.”

Mike Goslin, Disney.

It’s already known that Lenovo is working with the Microsoft program for mixed reality headsets. At this time it’s not clear what the price will be or when this device will be released.

Image credit:
Lenovo, Techcrunch